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Become a media friend and share your best books to us. Even if you are publishing by yourself or you are a big publisher, we are always looking forward to creative books and typographical publications. Simply write us >


Zeixs Verlag

Zeixs is the fusion of online and print media. Both shall inspire each other. Zeixs is about all forms and fields of graphic design – from typography, illustration and photography to animation and industrial design. Zeixs is open for your participation.
Zeixs Verlag



Typodarium 2016 is the daily typography dose. A tear-off calendar, just like the one our grandma used to hang in the kitchen. But this calendar unveils a new font everyday. We can therefore have, a whole year long, the chance to broaden our knowledge, to discover the font’s history and developement, to possess a piece of jewellery that is new everyday.


Thames & Hudson

Founded in 1949 by Walter and Eva Neurath Thames & Hudson has always prided itself on the very high standards of the books it produces, both in content and quality of production, and attracts many authors, artists, designers, illustrators and photographers who are distinguished in their own fields.
Thames & Hudson



Taschen was founded in 1984 primarly for selling comics. But of that comic business Taschen became an art book publisher very fast. With the biography of Annie Leibovitz Taschen established itself in the field of arts as one of the biggest companies. Since 2014 they sold mre than 40 million books worldwide.
Taschen Verlag


Princeton University Press

The Princeton University Press is an independent publisher with close connections to Princeton University. Its mission is to disseminate scholarship within academia and society at large. From poetry to politics, from chemistry to classics and at least to typography and design.

Princeton University Press


Norman Beckmann

Norman Beckmann publishing and design, shortened NBVD is an independent publisher settled in the heart of Hamburg and in Potsdam, the front rows of Berlin. Since it’s start in 2004 their focus lies on design, commercials, photography, art and design. The programm of the NBVD is filled with highclass yearbooks, monographies, image catalogues, calendars and eBooks.

Norman Beckamann Verlag


Niggli Verlag

niggli is an independent specialist Swiss publisher for architecture, design and typography. Our books are for everyone who teaches, studies or is professionally active in these fields. We provide books of content and design excellence for our readers. These are books dealing with subjects and issues of real concern, which support and inspire them in their work.

Niggli Verlag


Virgin Books

Virgin Books was created in 1979 as a rock music publisher linked to Virgin Records. Primarily a non-fiction imprint, Virgin Books publishes across a broad range of subjects from music, humour and biography to business, lifestyle, TV tie-ins and reference. Our authors include Sir Richard Branson, Jay Z, Guy Martin, Peter Thiel and Johanna Basford.

virgin books logo


Summit Media

Summit Media was found in 1995 and published magazines. Today they are the leading magazine publisher in the Philippines with over 20 titles in their portfolio. They continue to deliver great products to their audiences and advertisers, whether in print, digitally, or out-of-home.

summit media



Home to over 200,000 people and 15,000 companies, Creativepool is the professional creative industry network
that connects companies and people in an inspiring and wondrous digital environment.
creativepool logo


MEMOVOCO 2016 is a tear-off calendar filled with inspiring statements all about LIFE. International artists, designers and illustrators from over 25 countries have joined to design 366 memorable works of art.


Hölker Verlag

Hölker  is a special cooking books ublisher which was founded by Wolfgang Hölker in the middle of the 70ies. Within the 80ies he developed his country kitchen books which are still knwon as one of the must haves in our bookshelfes.

Hoelker Verlag


Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz

The design price winning publisher is one of the most forward and futuristic thinking ones when it comes to typography and design books. They produce 20-25 books a year – not more – because the quality has to win over quantity. Increase is good but nor too fast to lift off.

Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz


Gestalten Verlag

Founded in Berlin in 1995, Gestalten is best known for our more than 500 books that document and anticipate vital movements in design, illustration, architecture, and typography as well as urban and contemporary art. They generate the topics for the vast majority of the books that we publish ourselves and compile, edit, and design each publication to be both inspirational and user-oriented.

Gestalten Verlag


Cicada Books

Cicada focuses on collaborations with new and emerging design talents from all over the world. With equal emphasis on editorial and visual content, the books have a quirky, alternative edge that reflects the individual voices of the artists and writers involved. Multi-contributor books such as Graphic Europe, Graphic USA and Craftbook allow Cicada to capture the essence of movements and scenes in the artworld that are happening right now.

Cicada Books


BIS Publishers

BIS Publishers is an independent publishing house founded over 25 years ago and based in Amsterdam. With an enthusiastic team, BIS creates outstanding books for students, professionals and the general consumer on the creative arts and creative business, like design, advertising, architecture, fashion, marketing and innovation. 

BIs Publishers


Bloomsbury Publishers

Bloomsbury Publishing is a leading independent publishing house established in 1986. It has companies in London, New York, Sydney and New Delhi. Its four divisions include Bloomsbury Academic and Professional, Bloomsbury Information, Bloomsbury Adult Publishing and Bloomsbury Children’s Publishing. 



Firefly Books LTD

Firefly Books Ltd., established in 1977, is a North American publisher and distributor of non-fiction books for adults and children. More particularly, our aim is to bring readers beautifully produced books written by experts at reasonable prices.

firefly books ltd


Laurence King Publishing

Established in London in 1991, Laurence King Publishing is now recognised as one of the world’s leading publishers of books on the creative arts.

laurence King



“Leisure Time is very important so don’t waste it.” This was the claim Eugen A. Krauss started the Frechverlag in 1955. Today they are top seller for leisure time books within the creative field in germany.

frechverlag logo