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sign painting, letterpress, typo book reviews, specials like typography mugs or shirts, typography artists and much more. Every week we offer you the
monday typography quotes, which give you a good start in the week, the video wednesday, which shows you the latest and most famous typography
films, friday free font, where you can download a font for free and the weekend inspiration, where all followers and fans are invited to send their
inspirations for. Typostrate has also a facebook account, where every day are posted at least three artworks after a special theme, an instagram account
with street typography and inspirations in type and a pinterest account where you can find different typography themes and folders, to get inspired.
You see that our mission is to take everyone on a journey through the world of typography. We believe that typography is not only made for specialists
or as a niche product. Typography is an own unique and independent field, which is much more interesting than it seems. We show you what you can
do with, the passion and power of typography. Typostrate is written by and Michael Zeller. Enjoy it!

Typostrate ist eine Seite über Typografie und Design. Hier findet ihr eindrucksvolle Kalligrafie, handgeschriebene Kunstwerke,
Grafik Design Inspirationen, Schildermaler, Buchdruck, Typo Bücher, Specials, wie Typografie Tassen und Shirts, Schriftkünstler und vieles mehr.
Jede Woche zeigen wir Euch Montags typografische Sprichwörter, die Euch einen guten Start in die Woche bereiten sollen, den Video Mittwoch,
der die neusten und bekanntesten Typo Filme beinhaltet, die Freitag gratis Schriftarten, die ihr kostenlos runterladen könnt und
die Wochenend-Inspirationen, bei denen jeder, ob Follower oder Fan seine Arbeiten oder Inspirationen einschicken kann.
Typostrate hat dazu noch einen Facebook Account, mit vielen neuen Inspirationen zu Künstlern und urbaner Typografie,
einen Pinterest Account mit typografischen Themengebieten und einen Instagram Account mit Impressionen während unserer Reisen.
Unserer Mission ist es Euch mitzunehmen auf eine reise durch die Welt der Typografie. Wir glauben, dass Typografie nicht nur
für Spezialisten und Grafikdesigner, als sogenanntes Nischenpodukt gemacht ist, sondern ein eigenständiges und unabhängiges Gebiet darstellt,
dass interessanter sein kann als es auf den ersten Blick scheint. Wir zeigen Euch die Kraft und Leidenschaft von Typografie.
Typostrate ist komplett in englischer Sprache verfasst, da wir international unterwegs sind.
Die Autoren von Typostrate sind Christian Goldemann und Michael Zeller. Viel Spass beim lesen!

Typostrate es una web sobre tipografía y diseño. Aquí encontraréis caligrafía impactante, obras de arte escritas a mano,
inspiraciones sobre diseño gráfico, rotulistas, impresión tipográfica, libros, productos especiales como tazas y camisetas sobre tipografía y
muchas cosas más. Todas las semanas, los Lunes os enseñamos proverbios para que empecéis bien la semana, el Vídeo del Miércoles
contiene los nuevos cortos sobre tipografía más conocidos, el Viernes os podéis descargar tipos de letra gratis y también tenemos
las inspiraciones del fin de semana, a las que cualquiera, sea seguidor o fan, puede enviar sus trabajos o inspiraciones.
Typostrate además tiene una cuenta en Facebook, con inspiraciones de artistas y tipografía urbana, una cuenta en Pinterest
con áreas temáticas sobre tipografía y una cuenta en Instagram con impresiones de nuestros viajes.
Nuestra misión es llevaros con nosotros en nuestro viaje a través del mundo de la tipografía. Creemos, que tipografía no es sólo
para especialistas y diseñadores gráficos, no es un producto nicho, sino un área en si misma, independiente,
que puede ser más interesante de lo que parece a primera vista. Os enseñamos la fuerza y pasión de la tipografía.
Typostrate está escrito completamente en inglés, ya que nuestros temas son de interés internacional.
Los autores de Typostrate son Christian Goldemann y Michael Zeller. ¡Que disfrutéis leyendo!

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Friday Free Font 74

Disclaimer is a module-based display font coming in two variations - Plain and Classic. Made by Boris Bonev graphic desinger located in Berlin. Practicing and studiying typography in netherlands he has a real eye for detailed characters. Use the font for your sneaker, commercial, magazine styled websites and for cool print features. 

Download Diclaimer free font


Instagram Type Profiles 9

Tolga Girgin is a letterer from Turkey and a 3D idealist. His 3D lettering with pen is a real must see. Posted on many blogs we finally came to the decission we have to show you this super talent. 

(Source: instagram.com)


Lettering craft 10

A lettering violine made by Alessio Joseph and some other fantastic inspirations featuring Sergei Shapiro, Jason Vandenberg, Diego Guevara and so on. These lettering artists are world famous and inspire us all the time again. We hope to inspire you with them.

Image sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Bloggy handlettering

What sounds maybe like a sweet, petite blogger girl having something to tell to the nation is another kind of amazing handlettering typographer, playing with letters in her freetime and posting it. Pommel Lane is a blog about a girl named Hannah, but there is the other side of her, the handlettering side that we adored at first sight. Check it out!


Typostrate video wednesday 52

Fergus Wessel a stone cutter from Oxfordshire makes fine headstones. Maybe this sound a little bit creepyto you, but indeed this is an old profession that never dies and has to be done. Within these 10 years of experience Fergus has his own lettering style. Cutting the letters with a hammer and a chock, this is a real handmade lettering artwork. The hardest work as he said, is the one he made for babies. Emotion is always withing this profession, positive and negative. Have a small insight with this video.


Disney Type Posters

Nikita Gill is a typographer from London and a great fan of Disney Films. That’s why she designed this poster series of interesting disney quotes by Bambi, Cinderella, Peter Pan, the littel Mermaid and so on. Made with colourful paper and handlettering they are a real eye-catcher.


Typo found on Instagram 46

Typism - is the love, addiction, irreversible love for typography. That’s what we like to show you. Today with some awesome international artworks. Handmade lettering, 3D artistic type, illustrations made in illustrator, real cinema and lighting commercials and simple one stroke caligraphy. Enjoy them!

(Source: iconosquare.com)


Quotes on shit

We all use so much things (shit), colletc it, buy it, steal it and at least throw it away. What happens to this old things? Jessica Walsh rescued themand gave thema voice withsome quotes written upon them. They turned old shit into new shit. Enjoy them!


Monday typography quotes 57

There are seven days in the week and someday isn’t one of them. So stop watching and start doing, read more books and get busy or at least die tryin’. You will never stop learning and the way you are and react in situations is the right one, not always but you must know what you want.

Image sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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Typostrate Weekend Inspiration 62

Thank you - most of all for your interest and following typostrate. Every day we are searching for som extraordinary interesting projects to show you the passion and power of type. This time there are animated and oldschool typeface designs within these inspiration block. Enjoy them and have a nice sunday.

Making good design is easy. It’s polishing the half-assed stuff that takes time.” Stefan G. Bucher

Image sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10



of typography letterings within the urban life made around 1850 with aquatint method by Antonio Basoli. He was an italian engraver, scenic designer, interior designer and painter living in Bologna. One of his most important references is the scenography in the theatre of rome and of yourse his works above. Enjoy them!


Font Nerd

that’s what Andreas M Hansen from Coppenhagen living and working in Stockholm. His passion for typography brought himto international places and gives him the power to create lettering artworks like the one you see above. His hand flows over the paper and brings inspirational letterforms to light.

(Source: andreasmhansen.com)


VHS Decks

If you love skateboarding and design, you will love these amazing VHS retro decks, remembering the good old times, when we recorded some fresh stuff from mtv. 5 Boro New York City dropped out this series of VHS decks as a dedication to the first videos they took in 1996.



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