As a self initiated experimental project, Ezra Yew Wah Ng sent in his typography project “Labels”, a creative self-discovery project that features his efforts of proving himself against the labels that have been attached to him over the years. It marks also the end of his design studies, and his journey as a designer so far.
Great work as we think! A refreshing change from the works that we usually feature on our site. We’re really fond of the element of unexpectedness it brings to us. Each pieces are completely different from one another, but maintained its consistency while featuring the element of surprise, art direction and a soulful story to each. The message is brilliantly interpreted, clear, and effective. The vast range of materials used complement between one another seamlessly. The calligraphy pages are very well done as well and gave the book another layer of handcrafted beauty to it. Very inspiring for designers who viewed this work to try out different materials the next time they begin a typography project.

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