Gudberg Nerger sent us these impressive ambiguous postcards from Uwe Lewitzky. The multidisciplinary think tank develops concepts and stands for transmedial communication. They also represent contemporary artists with a focus on storytelling-art. This is why they came to work with Uwe Lewitzky’s black and whitnesses, a series of cards and posters with a handmade font and a strong message. Uwe Lewitzky is cultural scientist and author of art for all? Loving social critics and supporting upcoming artists we had to feature those cool cards. Some of them are in english and easy understandable but some we had to translate. But in the end the real meaning is a well known idiom transformed by the artist.


Gudberg Nerger 1 Gudberg Nerger 2 Gudberg Nerger 3 Gudberg Nerger 4

“1500 words say more than one image”Gudberg Nerger 5

“The brilliant idea of another shit”Gudberg Nerger 6

“When when not now”Gudberg Nerger 7

“the man does not live only from bread, there has to be also a vegetarian paste with pfälzer liver sausage on it”

Gudberg Nerger 8

“Ach!”Gudberg Nerger 9

“If I don’t see something bad I don’t think of it”