This week we reached a very nice book called reinventing lettering which is published by Bloomsbury. The book is small, squared formated and promises some good lettering at first sight.

About Reinventing Lettering

Like the title says this book has to contain inspirational pieces by contemporary practitioners and that’s true. It leads through three main chapters: Digitally Drawn Lettering, Hand-Drawn and Illustrated Lettering and at least Three-Dimensional Lettering. Viually engaging and creatively inpirational, the book shows innovative and unique lettering from graphic designers around the world. In addition the book acts as a mentor, offering an overview of the different techniques used in creating memorable, informative and mostly also playful lettering.

Reinventing Lettering 2

Reinventing Lettering 4 Reinventing Lettering 3

Reinventing Lettering 7 Reinventing Lettering 6 Reinventing Lettering 5

Reinventing Lettering 9 Reinventing Lettering 8

We recommend this book because it is in deed a real good example of contemporary lettering. Most of the artists are very famous or are talented newcomers. Who wants to dive into lettering a bit deeper can’t bypass this book.


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