We love letters and this game “TypoMemo” is the perfect gift surprise we got this week from Hermann Schmidt Publisher Mainz.

About Typomemo

TypoMemo is a game made with 128 letter quarters made of four characteristic alphabets. The alphabets have 26 quarters each and some cool glyphs like *, ?, &. Plus there are 16 Joker quarters to send messages and set traps within the game. Subdivided into 5 levels of difficulty you can play this game in Level 1 with your family and non designer friends trying to find the right minuscule and majuscule letterform faster than the other components. Level 5 is for the hardcore typography nerds by trying to find the whole alphabet as fast as you can including the right glyphs. At lifting the first major letter A of one of the four alphabets you have found your alphabet aim. If you like it more complex get the joker involved in the game with an own function.

We recommend this game to all those who are in love for typography as we are and to those designers trying to learn something about typography playfully.

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Typomemo 1 Typomemo 2 Typomemo 3 Typomemo 4 Typomemo 5 Typomemo 6